Uh oh. Hell must have frozen over because last night the unthinkable happened. I went out and forgot to record Idol! I know, I know…how is that even possible? Trust me. It is possible. As a result I spent half the night trying to find the entire episode online. Not only was I unable to do that, but I was unable to find any performance. Ok so that’s not true. I found Allison’s. I thought she did a good job, but from what I gleaned from online blogs the judges were none too happy with her rendition. I can only assume Adam was great, so I’ll do just that. Yes, even at the risk of making an ass out of myself.

    So here’s all I know. It was Rock n’ Roll week. So far I can follow along with that, and I predict…erm…Adam did the best? Not an educated guess but I feel confident in my choice. I am going to go out on a limb and say that Paula looked horrid? Anyone? Can you back me up on that?

    I also ‘heard’ through the grapevine that there were duets as well. And there was some sort of tower mishap that prevented the contestants for rehearsing, or something like that. Honestly I am just making all this crap up…maybe.

    I guess I will have to pay close attention tonight. I promise I will. I might even blog about it tomorrow. I have a strong feeling that Danny will be ousted. Or maybe Kris. Ok, ok, it’s gonna be Allison. I really don’t know. Geez. This whole missed episode has made my brain freeze.

    That’s me then.

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  1. OMG!!! I watched it and you didn’t!!! Here’s the short version: Adam? Destroyed everyone. Allison was decent, but she did a duet with Adam that will save her for the week (Simon called it). Danny and Kris were both weak, but Danny did this ear-bleeding scream at the end of his song that will definitely be the last nail in his coffin. I’ll be surprised if he isn’t gone. Adam owned the show. And I don’t even like him.

  2. Poor Alison is gone. I loved her. the duet with Kris and Danny was painful and I am actually fans of both them. I foresee Adam taking the whole thing though because he is the awesomest of the four.

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