Tomorrow is a big day. Well not a big day for me, or anyone I know personally, but it’s still a big day. It’s Robert Pattinson’s twenty third birthday. Yeah I know, it’s not important to you, and it’s not really important to me. Ok, so it’s a little important to me. I will claim that it is important only because it is blog worthy. Some of you know better, ahem, DH. Oh and I have a very special day of my own tomorrow, so I share it with Rob (insert gleeful giggle here). See honey, I DO love you more, I’m posting about my boyfriend today. Not on his actual birthday. Because tomorrow is DH’s special day, or one of them anyway, and I wouldn’t want Rob to detract from that.

    I vaguely remember being twenty three myself. Full of youthful impetuosity. Everything was still where it should be. Those were good times. I think at some point I declared, ‘Twenty three is the best age EVER!’ I still lie…I mean…stretch  the truth about my age at every possible chance. Sometimes if it’s dark enough, and if the recipient of my fib is drunk enough, I tell them I’m twenty three. Judge not, until you have walked a mile in my slightly worn, but still youth-fullish, shoes.

    What I have gained in knowledge, I have lost in elasticity. It’s sad, but it’s true. Some of you know what I’m on about. The ravages of time can be unkind. Well, perhaps it’s not that bad. I’ve seen worse. But if I am ever going to get the birthday boy to run away with me I’d better step up the skin care regime…

    I digress, this is not about me. It’s about you Rob. You and your youthful glow, your crooked boyish smile, your fantastically lush mop of hair, your chiseled angular jaw…I won’t go into more specifics…my mum sometimes reads this. So Happy Birthday Robert. I hope you get drunk and wake up without a hangover after having two hours of sleep and scarfing down a greasy cheeseburger at four in the morning because that’s what twenty three year olds do after all.

    That’s me then.

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