* Disclaimer* I apologize that this is so long. I am recapping two episodes today. Please forgive me!

    And then there were three. It’s getting down to the wire now people, the final 3 contestants on American Idol. I am late with this because I wanted to make certain that I had watched it this week and I also figured I may as well have both episodes under my belt before I posted. Makes it a bit more fun that way. Then I can also add my two cents in about the final two as well!

     Danny does D’Arby. I wasn’t impressed. It was a bit cheestastic with the dancing. Who on earth decided to throw that choreography in there? That image of him gyrating may be burned into my retinas for days to come. Gee. I hope not. Anyway, he did well as always, but he won’t win. The judges liked him. Good. He had fun. Also good. I lost 2 minutes I will never get back. Not good. Round two and he sings ‘You Are So Beautiful’ and does a pretty good job! Still not gonna win though! I think Randy said ‘dude’ about 7,627 times during his review, dude.

    Next up is Kris. I have come to think of him as ‘little Kris’. I don’t know why. Just seems fitting. He does a really good job. I like the piano. He also looks pretty cute this week. Now I DO think he has a shot at winning. Why? Because he’s commercially viable. Who’s album would you buy? I wouldn’t buy either if I’m being honest. I never have purchased any Idol winner’s cd. Nor will I ever. Just not my thing. But, that being said, Kris is far more mainstream top 40ish and that is what sells cd’s. I am irked that Paula criticized a song SHE chose Kris to sing. Well then Paula, perhaps YOU should have picked a better song. No? Ugh. I am so over Paula and her antics. It was nice to see Paula going back to her roots, dressed as a wild west can can girl, on the vote off portion though.  Remember, I am critiquing two episodes at the same time. Try to keep up. Um. Kris’s second song. I didn’t like it. It sounded like he had a stuffy nose. Apparently Randy did not agree with me because he said it was better than the original. Turtleneck liked it as well. I couldn’t tell if Paula liked it, she commended him for being different. Does that mean she liked it? Or was she just not able to commit?  Simon seemed to enjoy his second song more than the first lame song choice. So it’s all good for Kris.

    Once again I was struck by the favouritism shown to Adam. Simon had to get special permission from U2 so that Adam could sing a special song. How special. I’m sure everyone else notices that he gets special lights, special stairs, and I think it’s a tad unfair. None of the others have received that sort of treatment. Ok so we KNOW Adam will win, is it because we have been swayed to vote for him with his grand production numbers? Perhaps. I was not swayed this week however. I think this was a weak performance from Adam. I could also see right down his throat and into his stomach. Charming. Adam does Aerosmith for song number two. Kill me now because I actually thought Adam’s sparklie tee was cute. I’d not be opposed to owning that. On to the song, he did an awesome job, really killed it! The song suited his glam-rock voice nicely. Good for you Adam. You took a song, and you made it your own (insert seal clap here).

    And so we come to the end. Everyone went back to their hometowns. There were parades. Crowds turned out to see their hometown heroes. Blah. Blah. Blah. It didn’t escape my notice that Katy Perry wore Adam’s name on her cape during her performance. Again, I think the producers should not have allowed that favouritism, I didn’t see Kris’s name on there. Never mind. Let’s get to the vote off shall we? Drum roll please…….Danny goes home! So there you have it. The final two competing for the crown next week are Adam (shocker) and Kris (actual shocker, not a facetious fake shocker)! Congrats dudes. Tune in next week for my final recap. And then there were two…

    That’s me then.

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  1. I am so sick of the sun shining out of Adam’s arse that I don’t know if I can even watch him go mano a mano with Kris. And Kara? Makes the show almost unbearable. But still, I’m hooked.

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