OMG. Ok. I am at risk here of seeming like a completely obsessed twit, but I don’t care, I can’t help it. You may never have wanted to be so intimately aware of what goes on inside my brain and if that’s the case, you may want to look away. Some pictures were brought to my attention and I don’t have the strength to not blog about the hotness that I witnessed. I always thought Robert looked scrummy but it seems he’s been working out behind my back.

    Bare…ahem…pun intended….with me for a moment. I will make this short. That scantily clad, ok, shirtless man up there in the photo…that’s my boyfriend. Some of you are privy to this information, some of you think I am completely insane, some of you may not care at all. But come on people! LOOK at that…sigh. Ignore the black dots. They are for CGI effects. Also ignore the white body makeup while you’re at it, he’s filming the sequel to the movie that shot him to fame. Rob is in Europe at the moment, acting like a heartbroken vampire, not that I follow his every move. Ok. So perhaps I am vaguely aware of what he’s doing. Once again, DH thinks it’s completely ok, or so he says. You know I think you are uber handsome DH! Even YOU would have to admit, my boyfriend, well he ain’t half bad!

    I am powerless when I realize that hotness like that exists. And is walking around Italy somewhere. Shirtless. Kill me now. Those abs, crikes, the man dents, double crikes. That my friends, is a beautiful man, no question about it. He makes me swoon. He makes my knees weak. Being that handsome should be illegal. Sigh.

    That’s me then.

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  1. VERY well put! And I feel exactly the same way, for better or worse 😉

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