Yesterday was my birthday. I don’t usually get overly enthusiastic about birthdays but I had the ‘time of my life’ last night! I’m visiting with my parents for my birthday this year and was surprised by DH with tickets to see Green Day in concert! Now I have never seen them in concert before so I didn’t know what to expect…Billy Joe jumping around, definitely. Guyliner, of course. Pyrotechnics, possibly. Giant pink bunny? Not so much.

    We had seats that had me gleefully excited for a brief moment, because I thought perhaps they were box seats. Imagine. Box seats and Green Day on your birthday! What could be better? Well, they ended up not quite box seats, but they were pretty good as it turned out. A few minutes after DH and I found our section, a giant fluffy bunny (with man inside duh!) ran around on stage whipping the crowd into a frenzy. He jumped, he rolled, he lay down dead for a while…interesting to say the least. I could tell this was going to be great!

    Billy Joe Armstrong, enigmatic singer and the only man who can pull off guyliner whilst being in his late 30’s, was exceptionally funny! He pranced around on stage shouting to the crowd. It’s possible that I have never heard the F bomb dropped so many times in such a short span of time, and I LOVED it! At one point he pulled a girl up on stage. She was maybe 11 and clutching a bag of candy floss in her little hands. Lucky kid. I’m sure her mum knew what she was getting into by bringing this innocent to see Green Day. Billy Joe hugged her and sent her back into the crowd with a gleeful, ‘I hope you get fucking cavities!’

    The band played uber well. I was amazed that Billy Joe’s voice was so good live. He’s much more gravely than I would have thought, and he showcased his vocal skills with a montage of oldies, who knew! And yes, there were pyrotechnics, lots of them. SO loud and some so hot that DH and I could feel them way up in the nosebleed section. Now Green Day is not the sort of band that needs such gimmicks, but in this case, they only added fuel to the fire. The crowd went nuts. At one point sparks rained down on Green Day like falling stars. It was spectacular, even when Billy Joe backed up into the shower and I feared his hair would ignite. It didn’t. Phew!

    All in all, a brilliant night. Even though DH lied to me and said that Billy Joe and the boys would be singing Happy Birthday to me. I’ll forgive him. Just this once. The set was great, the band was great, the boundless enthusiasm of Billy Joe was great. Being surprised with tickets to see Green Day on your birthday, also great. The 21st Century Tour, is in my opinion, a smashing success. In the immortal words of Billy Joe Armstrong, ‘Put your fucking hands up in the air and make some noise!”.

    That’s me then.

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  1. What a great gift! Dustin and I were just commenting on the general greatness of Green Day on our drive home today. Can’t wait to hear more details soon.

  2. Look who(m) the cat dragged in! Ali introduced me to Green Day, long long ago. And that is an awesome birthday gift, by the way.

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