Since my posts have been sporadic all summer, I guess this is sort of a week in review. It’s been hot. Really hot, and muggy, but that didn’t stop DH & I from having a great date night this week. See, that’s something we like to do…spend a few hours together going out somewhere just the two of us. This week we went to see Silversun Pickups. I have to tell you, it was a great night!

    So we missed the opening act. Cage the Elephant. I’m sure they were good, we just didn’t want to go out that early because we’re weird like that. We did however make it to see the next band all the way from Atlanta Georgia, Manchester Orchestra. They were pretty damn good I have to say. I only knew three or four of the songs they played and unfortunately their set was pretty short. My count was seven songs, DH insisted they played more like nine. I think we both know who won that one….

    We waited and waited in the stifling heat of the venue, did I mention it was hot? The crowd started to get restless and after what seemed like hours, ok so it was 40 minutes, (but that was still too long) the sound check was done and the lights went down and FINALLY Silversun Pickups took the stage. They played most if not all of the songs from their current cd ‘Swoon’ and a selection from ‘Carnavas’ which included their most known song to date, ‘Lazy Eye’.

    They were fantastic, despite the fact that the acoustics left a little to be desired, but they still rocked! Their set was long, about 90 minutes, and it seemed to whiz by. Throughout the entire show my eyes were riveted to the drummer, Christopher Guanlao, whose fluid flailing was amazing to watch. Seriously, I have never seen anything quite like it before and it was mesmerizing. Brian Aubert, the bands lead singer, seemed genuine and quite sweet when he thanked the audience continually for showing up. The house lights were turned up every time he address those of us sweating in the stifling auditorium and I found that a tad much, but he seemed really really happy to see everyone, in all our sweaty glory.

    Ok so that wasn’t really the week in review, but I promise I will try to get my lazy ass moving and post more in the future. I hope you are all having a good summer and I hope you enjoyed my little update. Now, get back to what you were doing.

    That’s me then.

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