Today is a special day. A very special day as it happens. It’s a first. You see, my close friends have a beautiful baby boy and today is his birthday. It’s a huge milestone in a young one’s life. The last few months have been filled with learning so many things, things I have been lucky enough to share. I have watched as his eyes widen with recognition when he sees a face he has grown to know. I get what his little giggles mean now, and they are so beautiful to hear.

    The little one has worked very hard over his short lifetime and now he is entering toddler hood. He is growing more sure footed with every new step. He loves certain toys, he plays so well, and he even shares them with his lovable dog. It’s been a joy to be involved in his life. I have no children, and therefore took these little accomplishments for granted. But I see how much love this little guy brings to everyone who is lucky enough to spend a minute in his presence.

    So one year ago today my friends’ beautiful son was born into this world. He’s had  many happy times so far and many many more to come. He has made my friends so complete and I love seeing them all so gleefully happy. They are truly a lovely little family. I hope his special day is filled with joy, wonder, love, and more cake than he knows what to do with. I love you little guy. Happy Birthday.

    That’s me then.

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