This morning I spotted the first daffodil of the spring. Right in my very own garden. Sigh. Spring is really here…brings to mind one of my favourite poems. And while it isn’t quite ‘A host of golden daffodils’ it is golden and most definitely a daffodil.

    Every spring I look forward to the new blooms. Daffodils are one of my favourite flowers and I have planted dozens of bulbs. Sometimes they don’t come up. But this year it looks as though many of the bulbs I painstakingly planted last fall will make an appearance.

    The tulips will be next. Already I can see their thick green leaves pushing their way through the earth seeking the loving warmth of the sun. I just adore seeing those tulips flower, and gently swaying in the breeze. It feels good. Bring on the spring. I will eagerly anticipate the plethora of colour that my flowers will bring to the green landscape. Sprout. Bloom. Grow in peace.

    That’s me then.

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