I know, it’s been ages since we have chatted. I am sorry. Summertime has run away with my creativity and it has taken me a long time to wrestle it back from her sunshine filled clutches. Thankfully, depending on how you look at it,  I have been inspired today. First of all, I love art, not that you wanted to know but I am in a sharing mood. I don’t know very much about art but I do know what moves me and what I enjoy gazing upon, sometimes for countless minutes, often for countless hours. I wish almost more than anything that I had a talent that would enable me to express my feelings and thoughts via oil and canvas. That gift was not bestowed upon me, so I live vicariously through the talents of others.

    My favourite artists include but are not limited to, Salvador Dali, Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso, Alexandra Nechita, Wassily Kandinsky and Gustav Klimt. I could go on and on but you get the idea. My appreciation for the talent is there, and I dare say my envy of said talent is there as well. I often troll the Internet and occasionally I happen upon some art that catches my eye, or sometimes even takes my breath away.   

    Which leads me to the inspiration for this post. I stumbled upon a young talented artist’s blog and I have been filled to the brim with glee ever since! This man is Federico Zarco. His work is evocative, thought provoking and sometimes a little dark, but there is also something magical in the lines of his paintings that I cannot explain. Federico is a Surrealist, and his art brings to my mind the feelings I had when I first recall viewing Salvador Dali’s works back when I was a young girl. They were infinitely intriguing to me and I had no idea why. Still to this day I cannot pinpoint what I enjoy about gazing upon a canvas lovingly splattered and splotched with thick oil paint. I only know that it must take an unknown amount of genius to convey ones feelings and thoughts into something concrete.

    Federico’s artwork is something that I find intriguing. When I first viewed his site I stared for an endless amount of time at his paintings. Completely lost and fully absorbed. There is something playful yet sinister in his paintings. They challenge, they perplex and they bring such delight that mere words don’t seem suitable enough to express how they make me feel. I find them truly brilliant!

    If you have time during your busy day, and an appreciation for art, take a moment and check out his website at I may not understand the genius behind such things, but I got actual butterflies in my stomach when I cast my eyes upon “The Kiss” and “The Unknown Tree” on Mr. Zarco’s blog. Truly the world is filled with talent beyond my comprehension. So I will cease to comprehend. Instead I will be happy to be lost within the art.

    That’s me then.

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