Since I am alone this week, I have decided to spend some quality time with my boyfriend. Before you brand me with a scarlet A let me explain. Yes I am married. Yes I have a boyfriend. So, alright he doesn’t know that he’s my boyfriend but that’s just a minor technicality. My DH is ok with him so you should all be ok with him too. It’s a pretty ideal situation really. Win win all round. Well except for that whole ‘he has no idea of my existence and even if he did I’d have no hope’ thing. But I try not to let that dissuade me.

    I spent last night watching my boyfriend…ahem…I mean Robert Pattinson, in quite the craptastic movie called ‘Ring of the Nibelungs’. If you haven’t seen it, you’re not missing much. I still watched it anyway. Mostly because I have already seen ‘Twilight’ a squillion times and I needed a break from the perfection that is Edward Cullen. I don’t stoop so low as to drool over Rob in ‘Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire’ because  he was only 19 and that’s just a wee tad too creepy for me, so I won’t be adding that film to the queue. It’s not THAT Rob that I find attractive anyway. Still, I will take any opportunity to watch, talk about, or stalk him online. Ok, ok, I’m kidding… ish.

    So tonight I may curl up with some popcorn and delve into ‘The Haunted Airman’. I have to get my quality time in with the boyfriend before DH gets back home. Even though DH is ok with my ROBsession it doesn’t mean that he wants to join me in the movie fest. No, that might be too awkward, even for me.

    That’s me then.

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