It’s finally here! Independence day, the fourth of July. I love July. It’s full of bright sunny days and hot sultry nights. Plus, I was born in July. Not on the fourth of July although that would have been good. Even though I am  not an American citizen I always look forward to this day. Perhaps it’s because of what it symbolizes, or perhaps it’s just the bbq’s, the friends and the fireworks.

    Last year my dear friend was kind enough to bring along the American Citizenship test to our 4th of July extravaganza. It was a sampling of questions, ones we might be asked if one day we take the plunge and become full fledged citizens, and I think I did astonishingly well. My memory may be fuzzy, that day was fueled mostly by sangria, so perhaps I didn’t score as high as I remember. But I’m sure I kicked ass. Ask me those questions today and..erm…I probably will not recall the answers. Don’t hold it against me. My mind is like a sieve.

    Still, I may not know the history of this country backwards and forwards, but I am definitely infused with it’s spirit. I am a pretty fortunate person. I share my birthday month with America and Canada. I have lived in both countries and they are both filled with good people and good memories. But America is where I choose to call home. So today, I will be enjoying the traditions along with all my American friends. There will be bbq’s. There will be corn on the cob. I am sure somewhere in my neighbourhood there will be fireworks. Oh yes, and copious amounts of sangria. So it’s not a traditional American beverage. Like I said, citizen of the world people! Go. Enjoy the day. Celebrate. Enjoy your independence.

    That’s me then.

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