There are many things I crave. One of those things are the deliciously crispy, always high calorie, New York Fries. Apparently there are many locations of this little mall based ‘restaurant’ all over the world. Except the United States. Interesting. Unfortunately you poor American souls may never know the glory that is the New York fry.

    I crave these golden sticks of goodness on a regular basis. And thanks to a cruel twist of fate, I will now be able to enjoy them whenever I choose. Well, maybe not whenever. I mean they are still a high fat treat and if I were to consume them as often as I like, I would quickly become a 200 pound girl. They are THAT good.

    The aroma of them frying wafts through the air of many a food court. Immediately up catching a whiff, my mouth begins to water and I have a hard time concentrating on why I came to the mall in the first place. I must have them. I NEED to have them. They kick all other fries in the butt and leave them in a crumpled soggy heap on the floor.

    The golden wonders come with a variety of condiments. You can dip them in ketchup, mayo, cheese sauce or gravy. I suggest you try them with all four dips. If you live in Canada, you can also have them as poutine. A delicious concoction of fries, cheese curds and gravy. Mm. They also come ‘loaded’ with sour cream, bacon, scallions, and cheese sauce. Honestly, they are just the best.

    I need to stop now, my keyboard is swimming in drool. Yuck. Run don’t walk to your nearest mall and grab some if you can. If you are a purest like me, you’ll love them plain, straight up, lightly salted. I can’t wait to get my hands on those fries, it’s killing me thinking about them…

    That’s me then.

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