Last night I awoke with a start at 3:37am. I obviously had a bad dream since I woke up gasping for breathe. The first thought that came to mind once I realized that I was awake, was not so much a thought as a name. Hercule Poirot. Well, that pretty much screwed me for sleep. I have no idea why I thought of this name. Was I dreaming about Mr. Poirot? I hope it was a nightmare and not a dream of a romantic nature. Because that would just creep me out. Now, I really have no idea who this is, I obviously have heard the name before otherwise why would it spring to my mind? I vaguely recall the vision of a small dark haired man with a bowler hat and a twiddly mustache, sort of a french Charlie Chaplin-esq man. But other than that, I have no idea what my brain was doing thinking random things like this and keeping me awake, but that’s my inner dialogue messing with me. Like I said, my mind will not shut down sometimes, how annoying!

    I spent the next few minutes, ok so it was 40ish minutes, trying to recall my dream. Where had I seen Mr. Poirot lately, and why the heck was this bugging me so much? Instead of sleeping, I got out of bed and fired up my computer. I googled him. I did. Turns out he isn’t real. He’s a fictional character from Agatha Christie novels, none of which I have ever read and he’s also a character with a tv show that I have never seen. Hmmm. Interesting.  Quite possibly the tv show is not even on the air any longer. I couldn’t be bothered in my sleep-lacking state to really investigate this stuff.

    His picture is reminiscent to that of Salvador Dali. I have been thinking about Salvador lately, perhaps that is where my brain made the connection. I will probably never know. Just thought I would share that random occurrence. Carry on with your day.

    That’s me then.

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