I have come to a life altering conclusion. Well, ok so it’s not really life altering…I was just baiting you. I’m mean like that. Today I have decided that I do not like, nor do I enjoy Rachel Ray. The show. The person. It all equates to the same amount of hatred. I am sorry Miss Ray. I am sure if I met you I would find you less annoying in person. Perhaps.

    She did a spread in FHM magazine. I recently just stumbled upon this, and at first I thought, ‘My eyes! My eyes.’ The above photo is part of the FHM pictorial. I think it’s from 2005. Still. Do we really need to see Rachel Ray like this? Seductively licking a spoon? In. Her. Underwear. Gordon Ramsay wouldn’t be caught dead in a pose like that…

     So here I am in front of the tv mindlessly tuning out…and up next comes Rachel’s show.  Let me preface this by saying that I am not a snob, not really, but I can cook. I enjoy cooking. Rachel can also cook. I have no doubt about that.  What I find puzzling is the stewp. Or is it stoup? Is it a stew or is it a soup? Tune in to find out! Really Rachel? WTF? If it’s thin and runny….or thick and liquidy, let’s go with a soup and stop this nonsense. If it’s chunky and contains more solid ingredients than it does liquid…I beg you, call it a stew. Please? Just for me? Will ya? And then perhaps we can get along.

    What irks me possibly more than the whole stoup fiasco is that every thing she makes seems to either taste like chicken wings, chili, pesto or barbecue something or another. And maybe I am wrong, I should give her a chance…(watches for 2 more minutes).

     No I can’t do it. The incessant giggling pisses me off too much. Really Rach…EVOO is not that funny. I am happy for you that you managed to get that word into the dictionary, honestly, maybe next year they will add stewp in there for you. Perhaps I will get ‘truthishness’ in the dictionary. Who knows. It could happen.

    That’s me then.

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