Here we go again. It’s spring cleaning time. Wow, is it already that time of year? For me spring cleaning means going over my entire house from top to bottom with dusters, my trusty vacuum, windex and all types of cleaning supplies. There will be scouring. There will be dusting. I will vacuum until I am no longer able to vacuum due to weakness in my limbs. Some say I am a tad germ-phobic. You know who you are. I like to think I am just a tidy girl who loves a shiny clean home.

    I am aware that most people despise cleaning. I scoff at those people. Scoff. Because I love to clean. It’s true. I am aware that makes me some sort of freak of nature but alas, I cannot help it, cleaning is fun. Yep, I said FUN. Ok, perhaps cleaning the bathroom is not fun…no…that’s my least favourite thing to clean. Still, I have to admit, it’s pretty satisfying to see my house all neat and tidy. The air scented with lemon. The shiny stuff shining again. The light fixtures de-webbed. It’s instant gratification at it’s finest.

    Usually I load up my ipod with all my favourite songs and just listen to music whilst I clean. I will sing at the top of my lungs  because it feels so good to do so. There might also be a dance or two. Alas, I cannot promise that I will be coordinated while I dance. Dancing unfortunately is not my strong suit. I’ll do it anyway because I care not for coordination! I will throw open all the windows and rejoice. So if you see me bouncing past the windows, feather duster in hand, (probably using it as a microphone), try not to stare. On second thought…perhaps I will  keep all my blinds closed. It’s best to not scare the neighbours with my antics.

    That’s me then.

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