Hello? Is there anybody out there? I must apologize for my long absence, you see, I was in hibernation  and I couldn’t get my hands out of the blankets to type. Note to self: buy a snuggie. Oh I did not just utter those words out loud *cough*.  I have to admit, bears really know what’s going on. I mean come on, hiding in a cave when the weather takes a turn for the worst sounds like a great idea to me. You see, it’s cold up here where I reside, and well…I get lazy in the winter months…and apparently in the autumn months as well. But fear not faithful followers! I. Am. Back.

    It’s finally here. 2010. New Years day. Yay. Happy New Year! Well folks 2009 is now firmly behind us, by a few hours at least. So long, farewell. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out 2009. I imagine a few of you are reading this whist clutching your poor heads with one hand and firmly grasping your bottle of Advil with the other, thank you for rallying round. Hangovers are terrible, yet we still manage to suffer from them almost every New Years day. Will we never learn? Anyway, let’s not look back. Let’s look forward to a brighter and better year. Here’s hoping 2010 has more to offer us. More good luck, more joy, more prosperity. Just plain more.

    I am sure you have all made resolutions for the upcoming year that you will undoubtedly break, which in turn will make you feel bad and you’ll slump into a heap on the floor crying because you have let yourself down so you console yourself by consuming an entire pint on chunky monkey ice cream followed by an entire bottle of Merlot whilst watching the biggest loser, therefore solidifying the break in your sanity, and resolve. But don’t fret! Resolutions are meant to be broken, or at the very least, dented slighty. I don’t know one person who manages to make it through an entire year keeping their new years resolutions firmly intact. Perhaps this says something about my friends you say. No. It merely says something about humanity. And about how silly resolutions are. Duh.

    If you need to make yourself a promise to attain some personal goals I am all for that. We all could use a few promises. I promise to eat better, I promise to exercise, I promise to be a better person, I promise to stop obsessing over a certain 23 year old british male actor…but you see, I will never keep those promises. And I am ok with that. Which is also the reason I resolve to never make a resolution. Damn it. I just made a resolution didn’t I?

    I love the idea of a  fresh start to a fresh new year and hey, a fresh new decade for that matter! If you need a little spoken vow to nudge you along then by all means please ignore what I am saying. You go! make those resolutions! But I do warn you, you may not keep them. And that is perfectly ok. There is always another chance. In 364 more days.

    That’s me then.

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