It’s wednesday. You know what that means, Idol recap! Jamie Foxx was this weeks mentor for Rat Pack Standards.  At first I was skeptical because I had no idea Mr. Foxx is a classically trained musician but he’s quite possibly the best guest mentor ever. He had some really useful advice and I was pleased to see the results of his advice actually reflected in a few of the performances. Disappoint crept in once I realized that no spats between Simon and Kara were going to materialize, I love it when the judges disagree and fight amongst themselves, especially when they gang up on the new girl. Try as I might, I just cannot find a reason to like Kara. I thought that Kara looked horrid last night. Which now brings me to Paula. Ah yes, Paula. What the hell was she wearing? All wrapped up with a giant red bow. Is she Simon’s early Christmas gift? If so, I hope he has the decency to exchange her for something more useful.

     First up for the night was Kris Allen. Kris looked adorable, I must say. I liked the suit very much, he cleaned up well, as did all the Idol wannabes. It’s hard being first up, you have to be so fantastic the people remember your song, otherwise you get lost. He sang ‘The Way You Look Tonight’, it was the second song my husband and I danced to at our wedding (insert sentimental sappiness here…), not that it will sway my decision you understand. Kris did an alright job, I didn’t love it… the crowd seemed to eat it up though. Randy certainly seemed more impressed than I actually thought Kris deserved. I agree with Simon, he’s good, but he was not incredible.

    Allison sang ‘Someone to Watch Over Me’ and she did a great job. She really does sing with a maturity beyond her years. The comments from Simon after her performance however were that he wasn’t holding out much hope for Allison, maybe Simon knows something we don’t.

     Ok, I like Matt…sue me. I can’t help it, he looks like the love child of Robert Pattinson and Justin Timberlake.  His voice is nice, not vocally strong, but this was a good genre of music for him. He does possess that whole brat-pack vibe. Although he has struggled for the past few weeks to make a good impression, I have hope that he can redeem himself after last nights performance. I fear he cannot though. I’ll be sad to see him leave this week. Yes. I went there. Sometimes you just have to make difficult statements. I was SHOCKED that Simon actually liked Matt’s performance. Simon liked him. Wow. Impressive. He even used the word brilliant. Maybe Matt will be saved this week after all.

    Adam….what can I say? He’s just vocally more in control of his voice that any other Idol contestant. I still see him belting out show tunes on Broadway, but he’ll win regardless of my opinion. He’s VERY theatrical and I do believe he gets more ‘effects’ than the other contestants. That whole stairway thing was just shameless, giving him far more stage presence than any of the others. I am sure he’ll win. I’m just not convinced he’ll sell a ton of albums…he may go the way of Taylor Hicks…remember that guy? Only a few short hours until we find out who gets the boot. Can’t wait!

     That’s me then.

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