Alright. The tivo gods were not shining down on me last night, but I am getting ahead of myself. Let me tell you how it went down. I was settled in to watch Idol, as usual on a tuesday night and I was enjoying the show, ok enjoying is perhaps too strong a word. The show was crap. Perhaps I am judging too harshly. Let me start again. Idol was crap. Oops. Well maybe it’s just me, they seem to be getting worse. I will admit that I thoroughly enjoyed Allison’s performance, and even Anoop managed to redeem himself in my eyes. I also enjoyed Matt’s rendition of a great Stevie Wonder classic . Even though Matt wasn’t great, at that point in the night I thought he was doing pretty good. I was too quick to judge apparently, but I was not privy to the information I later found out.

     After watching the rest of the contestants, we came back from a commercial break to see that there was one last song to be sung. And then the recording ended. Grrr! Turns out tivo decided not to record that last performance of the night. Or more aptly put, Idol ran late. Fantastic. So I decided to turn on my trusty laptop and search for the missing performance. Yes, I had to google. I did. It was Adam. And then I found out he got a standing ovation. FROM SIMON. Awesome. And I totally missed it…of all nights…why?

    So I managed to find Adam’s rendition of Tears for Fears ‘Mad World’ after literally minutes of online searching. I watched it…twice. It was good. I didn’t think it was great because truth be told, his falsetto is starting to annoy me a little. Slowly I am losing faith in this season’s Idol. I don’t know why really. I am close to being over it…I am. Tune in for next week’s run down. What? You thought I was serious? No way. I am seeing this thing through to the end.

    That’s me then.

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