Every now and then we all have trouble keeping ourselves aligned. The path seems too long, with too many twists and turns, and the forest surrounding us seems to grow more dense as we struggle to walk  a straight line. It’s all about finding our balance. I know that can be difficult to achieve with everyday life getting in the way. Juggling kids, family, friends, work and everything in between can seem like too much sometimes.

    When I get thrown off kilter, I try to find something to get my mind back in line. I like to find a little ‘me time’ and that always seems to help. It doesn’t matter what it is, maybe finding a quiet corner to sit and read, maybe it’s getting outside for a walk, or taking a relaxing bath. All of these things have helped me get balance at some point. It may sound cliche but I find yoga also helps. I know that’s the whole point of yoga, balance, being one with your surrounds but at times it’s difficult to get motivated to contort your body into trecherous positions. Once you have spent a few minutes in ‘proud warrior’ stance, you start to feel more aligned. At least, I do.

    I have strayed from my yoga practice lately. But today I found time to get a little balance. My body and mind feel more loose. My muscles feel stretched. I have found a little balance amid the chaos of life.

    That’s me then.

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